Miha: Donnarumma should 明年零成本加盟赚钱好项目stay

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“I don’t know the terms of the negotiations and I don’t like to look at other clubs. Gigio’s very strong, but he’s still a kid六合投注网站 of 18 years,” he told Sky Sport Italia.

Former Milan boss Sinisa Mihajlovic has advised Gianluigi Donnarumma to stay put and grow “where everyone loves him”.

“I think Milan offered him a lucrative renewal. Now a difficult situation has皇冠外围投注 been created, he has half of Italy against him.

“He doesn’t need to leave so soon. He still has 20 years of a career ahead of him. I also understand Raiola, who knows what he’s doing…

“This can harm his development, even though he’s very strong in terms of character. The situation could’ve been handled better by both parties.”

“If I was Gigio, I’d stay a little longer at Milan out of gratitude and for development purposes.

“For him to become a champion, he still needs to improve and grow, and I think that doing it at a club where everyone loves him could have helped.

Mihajlovic was the Coach that gave Donnarumma his big break during the 2015-16 campaign, and the T21点官网orino trainer urged his old protege to renege on his decision not to sign a new contract with Milan.